The Checklist: Taylor LaShae Instagram

Actress Taylor LaShae is basically my life inspiration right now. From her black-and-white Tumblr site, where she posts gorgeous photos--as well as answers questions from fans, to her Instagram account, which features LaShae in the most incredible outfits and photographed by her extremely talented friends, I am utterly obsessed. Whether she's tucked a see-through blouse into a pair of ripped denim jeans, rocking a striped long-sleeved baseball tee with a cap, or sporting an embellished crop top with beaded fringe, this It Girl always looks good. Oh, and with over 1,300 posts on her Instagram account, you'll basically have enough inspiration every day for the next four-ish years (you're welcome).

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Get To Know Taylor LaShae

"You might know Taylor LaShae as the doll faced girl with killer style and a major Instagram following—but as you probably already guessed, she is so much more than that. The Houston, TX native has been actively and steadily working as a full-time TV/film actress and she's built a ridiculously impressive resume thus far. With dozens of commercials already under her belt, LaShae is most definitely on the threshold of becoming a feature film actress. Living in NYC for the past four years hasn't allowed Taylor to forget about her roots back in TX, where she grew up right next to NASA. 

As a student at the Nina Murano Studio (where she is learning the Meisner acting technique) and a member the AAA (amateur astrologers association) here in NYC, we're pretty sure Taylor is one of the most diverse girls we've ever met. Fun fact about Taylor? She's a huge conspiracy theorist. With a love for all things mysterious and unknown, Taylor only continues to surprise us. We've already covered her go-to beauty items, and as far as her style goes, you probably could have assumed already that Taylor doesn't put herself in a fashion box. Her style changes dramatically from day to day—sometimes she's the girl next door in blue jeans and a T-shirt and other times, she's the epitome of NYC chic in all black (she also is completely capable of looking like a J-Crew mom and a '70s rocker babe.) Why does she model her aesthetic after her eclectic way of life? "Because this is New York and you have to dress per occasion... which is one of my favorite things to do."

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