Taylor: Hey Little Miss Muffy! Thanks for having me! Haha, you are right! Those are the things I do for work!  I also model and I am an avid fashion blogger on the side! Seems like I do it all, huh? I just like to be wrapped up in the industry and the things I LOVE to do!

Muffy: Well dat sounds  like a lot of fun. Out of efuryfing you do what is da most favorite?

Taylor: Oh, that is a hard one. Out of the things I do, I MOST enjoy STYLING! I absolutely adore dressing people, creating a blank canvas into a live fashion piece! It is like when I was a little girl playing with Barbie and Ken! TONS OF CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES! And they wouldn’t DARE leave their condo without looking absolutely fabulous out on the town!

Muffy: Well I am mom’s barbie BOL! But I doez pick out my own clothes most of da time. If you could give all my furshionista friends out der a style tip for da summer what would it be?

Taylor: My best SUMMER advice would be high waisted shorts! Nothing looks cuter with a tank tucked into some precious shorts with wedge heels! SHOW OFF SOME LEG THIS SUMMER!

Muffy: Well I definitely don’t mind showing a litttle bit of my fur off diz summer. BOL! Does you haz a dog of your own?

Taylor: I do! Her name is Tapanga but we all call her “Tappy” for short! She is half Chihuahua and half Rat-Terrier! She is the highlight of my life! She is the happiest puppy in the world! She dances around and taps her feet when you call her name ” Tap Tap Tap!” On another note, You both would be great shopping buddies!

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