Continuing in our exploration of both the After Dark routines of cool girls doing cool things and the new Smashbox shape-enhancing lip lacquer and liner, we meet actress Taylor LaShae at her Brooklyn apartment where she orders pad thai and hosts parties in the basement.

"I was on the wait list for this apartment for two years, and as soon as I got the call I left the job I was on, holding all my paperwork, ready to be approved. I got so lucky, nobody wants to leave this place. At nighttime you can see the Empire State Building from the window, and there's this huge bar in our basement that has a pool table and everything, which is great because we can invite as many of our friends over as we want. We can drink, we can play our music...but technically it's open to everyone who lives here, so really anyone could just walk in. I love it.

I like to listen to music before we go out—right now it's City Of The Sun. You know you have friends who are musicians, but you never listen to their stuff? Well, I did their music video and I started listening to that song, then another, then their whole album—and they're actually really, really, really good. It's all instrumental with Spanish guitar, so dreamy and euphoric. It's that, or Tom Waits to get me in the right mood.

My schedule is so crazy with shooting that it's unpredictable as to when I'll have a day off to really let go. There's no ritual for me before I go out, really—I could be running straight to a bar from set, or I could have time to relax while I get ready, in which case I'll order pad thai and watch HBO—I'm an HBO girl. I’m not really a big drinker, more of a bar food person actually—such a sucker for jalapeño poppers. The Levee in Williamsburg—they have great food. It’s so gross—things like cheesy fries—and it’s stupid bad for you, but I eat it anyway. I might bring along a flask filled with Fireball. People say that's a frat boy thing, but how was I supposed to know?

Showering isn't usually something I have time for at that point—and I prefer to do that when I get home, so my bed stays clean. I'll wash my face, which I never really did until I got a Clarisonic about a week ago and now I use it all the time. It makes your skin so fresh and clean and bright. I follow up with lotion.

My makeup is always different. I have to wing it because I'm not really good at putting it on myself, so I just kind of do stuff and see what happens. First I put concealer on, and then some base. For that I love the Smashbox BB Cream. I've been using it for the past two weeks, and I'll be real—it’s amazing. I use two different shades—the lighter is perfectly my color, and then I contour with the one that's slightly darker. I see makeup artists do it. There's a way to contour a woman's face, which is just under the cheek, and then up to create fuller cheeks and higher cheekbones, but I like mine the way they contour a man's face—more angular, with lines in a v-shape cutting up from the chin and out to the sides of the face. My face is very square, so this helps shape it. And I like to shadow my collarbone, I think it looks elegant.

Then I have to do some sort of a back cat eye-type of thing, I need my little wings—which I suck at [laughs]. I'll put natural-looking shadow on my lids, then mascara, then the Always Sharp Lip Liner, then gloss. I learned to fill the lips in with liner completely because it makes the gloss stay longer. And if I first put base, like the BB cream, on my lips before drawing them in, for some reason I feel like it makes them look bigger. I won't completely overdraw with the liner, but I'll do the line a tiny bit under my natural lower lip line."

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