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A lot of you don’t know that every single photo that I post - I edit myself. For so long I have found editing to be my greatest passion over styling myself on shoots, doing my makeup and to be honest better than taking the actual photos themselves. Editing is my favorite part about it all. All the traveling and shooting I do for brands: Nothing makes me feel the most creative. I get to bring so much life to the images I get back and make them feel so special with just adding the right amount of color and finding the right touch of grain— and in using these tools to target them not only to my own brand, but the clothing brand I am working with, not to mention bring out the background, and textures of fabrics I am wearing in each shot. In my opinion: Editing basically makes or breaks an image. It all depends on how it is used. I try not to use the same filter over and over. I see people using similar pallettes of color to try to recreate a color scheme for their pages and I see the desire for that but I believe you can have all sorts of variations of colors that still tie in together and make an even bigger story. Everything around you changes as does the lighting and of course, your clothes! With all that being said, over the years I have used at least 4 different apps at a time to get the most out of one photo. One app I would use for ‘Grain’, while another I would use the ‘Highlights’ because some apps have better options than other and well.. this leads me to now creating my very own presets and colors for my own personal use and to help share my aesthetic of pre-made filters to all of you to explore and find true passion for it the way I do.


Taylor LaShae