Fall is just around the corner and believe it or not but YOUR NAIL POLISH means a lot more than you think. Essie's New Fall Collection (which by the way was just unveiled at the InStyle #SummerSocial and let me just be the first to tell you that the colors are OUT OF THIS WORLD.  My favorite is "Leggy Legend" but thats if I could only choose one..


(Sponsored by Essie Nail Polish)

Tips and tricks to these are fairly simple since they are all killer colors.. especially when combined. * Paint each finger a different color then get a thin (almost like eyeliner brush) and draw one line of another color on top straight down the middle of each nail. 

* So, I am sure many of you already know about a base coat.. but if you try to do a base coat thats a creme color... I find it works the absolute best and makes each color pop more. I dont know... its really magic to me.