What do people not know about you?

A lot of people don’t know I have a scar on my stomach from a ruptured appendicitis gone wrong. After the operation (when I was 6 years old) the doctors left a utensil in me and I supposedly died and was brought back to life in an emergency surgery leaving me with a nasty scar. Bikinis were my worst enemy for a long time.


What is your greatest fear?

The ocean! I have the biggest phobia of what lies beneath. You would never catch me scuba diving or even snorkeling - gives me chills even thinking about it. Unless it was for a film... then I would suck it up and try not to die.


If you died and came back, what do you think you would be?

If I came back I would become an Astrophysicist. I absolutely am marveled by the thoughts of space and the unknown. Hey, I can dream!


What trait do you like best about yourself?

I am ungodly determined. If I wasn’t so cut-throat with determination I don’t know where I would be today. I learned it from my mama. Never ever give up even when people say you can’t do it. It only fuels my fire.

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